Checking with Benefits

With ValueAccess Checking with BaZing from First County Bank, you receive a growing list of exclusive benefits

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Checking with Benefits1

Save money on the things you're already paying for.

Shopping and Dining Discounts

  • Access thousands of online deals with name brand retailers such as Best Buy®, Kohl’s® and Grubhub®.
  • You can also save on hotels and car rentals, health savings, and more.
  • Plus, you can receive alerts about nearby discounts on the BaZing mobile app.

Roadside Assistance

  • Get peace of mind knowing that common vehicle related issues like towing, lockout services, flat tire replacement, collision assistance, fuel delivery, and more are covered.2
  • You will pay nothing out of pocket for 24/7 roadside assistance services costing up to $80.

BaZing Fuel

Save big when filling up at participating Shell gas stations:

  • Use your ValueAccess Checking debit card for everyday purchases – after you have completed a minimum of 15 eligible debit swipes within a statement cycle, you are able to start receiving fuel rewards!3
  • Each purchase will earn points to redeem for discounts on gas at participating Shell stations.
  • The more you use your ValueAccess Checking debit card, the more you save!

Cellphone Protection

  • If your phone is broken or stolen, BaZing will reimburse you for whatever you pay to have it fixed (after $50 deductible), up to $400 per claim and $800 per year!2,4

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1 BaZing membership and access provided by StrategyCorps, LLC and its third party affiliates and contractors, not directly operated by First County Bank. BaZing membership is subject to terms and conditions available on BaZing’s mobile app and/or Receiving purchase benefit discounts may require you to make a purchase or pay a fee associated with the receipt of the specific benefit. These fees are in addition to any fees associated with any First County Bank account you operate. Additional terms, conditions and limitations to purchase discount or reimbursement benefit may also apply. See disclosures provided to you by BaZing and its affiliates and providers for details about additional fees, terms, conditions and limitations.


3 BaZing Fuel requires downloading BaZing app and activation. Eligible debit swipes exclude certain transactions. BaZing Fuel requires activation and qualifications apply. For full disclosures and terms and conditions go to

4 Cell phone protection is subject to additional terms and conditions available on the BaZing mobile app and at