First County Bank Spotlight – Gianna Montanaro

Get to know Teller and Digital Ambassador Gianna Montanaro

Tell us a little about yourself.

Spending time with my family is my favorite thing to do. I have the classic giant Italian family that you see in the movies where everyone is yelling over each other, and passing various dishes of food around the table. I am the oldest of four siblings, and I have over 15 cousins, I’ve lost count by now! I love to travel and am a huge fan of Liverpool FC. I try to visit the UK for at least one game a year. I recently returned from a trip to Scotland, which is my favorite place.

I attend the University of Connecticut in Stamford full time and work at the Bank part time. I am studying Financial Management, and would like to pursue a career in Wealth Management and ultimately become the Chief Financial Officer of a company. I will continue gaining valuable experience at the Bank and learning as much as I can every day!

Do you have a secret talent?

I have been a gymnast and cheerleader since I was eight years old and can do a lot of flips and twists in the air. In high school, I was the captain of the varsity team and also cheered competitively in college. I coached youth gymnastics for a few years and plan to get back into it when I find the time.

What is your favorite part of your role with First County Bank?

I love going the extra mile to help customers. I enjoy the challenge of being faced with a tricky situation. I have recently become the Digital Ambassador for our Fairfield branch. This means that it is my responsibility to educate my coworkers on the various digital banking features that we offer, as well as help our customers who have issues or questions about their Online Banking.

Do you have a favorite First County Bank moment?

Every day working at this branch is amazing because of my wonderful team. I would have to say that the moment that I found out I was going to be a part of this family was my favorite. My coworkers give me support and guidance, for which I am so grateful. Working at First County Bank has put me on a path that coincides with my academic career, so I am excited to see what the future brings!

Anything else you’d like to say about you or your experience at the Bank?

Working at First County Bank has given me a better sense of responsibility, teamwork, and accountability. I am thankful for the experience and valuable skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my career.