Introducing Our New Client Portal

First County Advisors is excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new online client portal. The new portal will provide you with an improved user experience and enhanced functionality. Some of the many new features that will be immediately available include:

  • A customizable dashboard and home page so you can create your own dynamic overview of your portfolio and monitor what matters to you through external links to market information and news feeds.
  • Tailored reporting can be generated from your dashboard that filters accounts, date ranges and other data.
  • Contact links so that you can reach your financial advisor directly from your home page to stay connected and informed.

Quick Start Guide

You will receive a “New User Setup” email similar to the example shown here. This email will come “from” First County Advisors and a “no reply” email address of

Included in this email is a link to set up your account. Please click on the “Set Up Account” button or, copy and paste the full url into your browser. For security purposes, your setup link will expire after 7 calendar days. Should the link expire, please contact your First County Advisors Officer who will resend the email with a new setup link.

Upon clicking the link within the email (or copying and pasting the full url into your browser), you will be prompted to set security questions. You are required to choose from the preexisting lists and set up all three security questions. Never share your secure password. To continue, click “Next.”

Next you will need to create a secure password. Please enter a chosen password in the first password field. Then re-type your password in the “Confirm Password” field. If your password meets the security requirements and matches the two password fields, you may then click “Next.”

The final step is to read through and accept the “Application Terms of Use.” After accepting, you will be automatically directed to your personalized client portal as set-up is complete.

After completing set-up, you will also receive a confirmation email letting you know your password has been updated. This email will once again come “from” First County Advisors and a “no reply” email address of