3 Easy Ways to Help Local Businesses

From the antiques shop to the corner convenience store to the neighborhood deli, local businesses make our communities unique, bring people together, and of course, power our local economies. But as we all know, the challenges over the past year have made it extraordinarily challenging for these businesses to keep their doors open.

First County Bank is committed to helping local businesses not just get back on their feet in 2021, but prosper. In order to do that, though, we need your help. Here are some ways you, your family, and your friends can make a big difference to a small business owner:

  1. Write a Review. For a great way to help that doesn’t cost a thing, consider writing a review. Reviews shared on Yelp, Facebook, or Google My Business have become invaluable tools in helping businesses attract new customers, establish credibility, and show up in online searches. So if you’ve had a great experience with a business, take a moment to post about it. You’d be surprised by how many people read reviews before making purchasing decisions.
  2. Order directly from restaurants. With social distancing requirements and safety concerns, many of us are ordering out – and using convenient meal delivery services. But now that things have started to open up and businesses have established clean and safe practices, you may want to consider ordering your food and picking it up directly with the restaurant versus using a delivery service. By doing so, you’ll help restaurants save money, since those delivery services can take up a significant portion of profits.
  3. Purchase gift cards. With restrictions still in place, most small businesses are not operating at full capacity, damaging their cash flow. One way you can help boost it back is to purchase gift cards from your favorite places.

Help a small business today by taking these simple steps. It’s a win for the business, the community – and for us all.