Beware of New Amazon Scam!

As part of First County Bank’s commitment to protecting you from fraud, we wanted you to be aware of a new scam aimed at customers who may do business with Amazon. The scam, which often targets senior citizens, has typically involved the following:

  1. You receive an email or phone call from what appears to be Amazon, requesting that you purchase fraud protection or a computer service.
  2. If you proceed with purchasing the protection, the fraudster will then tell you that they are going to take remote access of your computer for your protection.
  3. Once they do, you’ll be asked to log in to your Amazon account to either facilitate a payment for something you “ordered” or to claim money that is “owed” to you from a previous purchase.
  4. Once you log in, the fraudster will have access to your Amazon account and payment data, as well as all information on your computer.

If you receive a request such as this, DO NOT respond or click on any suspicious emails. If you are concerned about an Amazon purchase, log on to the Amazon site directly.

Other ways to protect yourself from fraud
Due to frequent, ever-changing fraud scams, we encourage you to take these additional steps to protect yourself:

  • Change your online account passwords regularly.
  • Run antivirus software on your computers.
  • Download the latest software updates on all your devices.
  • Set account alerts in Online and Mobile Banking to help you monitor your accounts.
  • Never click on suspicious emails you receive.
  • Stay informed about the latest fraud scams by visiting
  • Review these tips to determine if an email, phone call, text message, or webpage is not from

Also, remember that First County Bank will NEVER call you or send you an email requesting your account or personal information (Social Security number, date of birth, etc.). For more information on ways to protect yourself, visit