Did You Know – You Can Save Money with Automatic Transfers & Notifications

Money is not the most important thing in life – but it can be one of the elements that helps you enhance your lifestyle, achieve your goals, and ease stress during emergencies.

Sometimes it can be hard to designate your funds between your short-term goals (replacing a pair of sneakers), your long-term goals (buying a new laptop), your everyday needs (groceries), having fun (dinner out and a movie), and unplanned expenses (new tires).

When it comes to having a money buffer in the bank for your long-term goals or any unexpected expense, it’s important to make a plan in order to protect yourself and those dependent on you.

With Online Banking, you can make saving money second nature with automatic deposits. Simply choose an amount to move from your checking account to your savings account every time you get paid. We’ll send you a notification once the transfer is complete. This way, saving is prioritized, and the money can’t be spent as easily. By saving a set amount each month, you’ll be able to reach many of your financial goals faster.