Did You Know? – You Can Turn Your First County Bank Debit Card On or Off

Picture this: you wake up late for work, throw on some clothes, drink some coffee, and get into your car. No gas. You rush to the nearest gas station, fill up, and you go on your way to work. Midway through your day, you reach into your wallet for your debit card to pay for lunch with your friends…it’s not there. Then you remember: you left it at the pump.

Normally the story would continue with you stressing out about the lost debit card and rushing to scour the gas station, all while going over all of the scenarios regarding how someone could be taking advantage of your information. However, it doesn’t have to be this way, with your First County Bank Mobile Banking App, you can deactivate your card with the click of a button!

By “turning off” your card, you can ensure that no purchases are made, protecting your account. If you find it, you can simply reactivate the card. Otherwise, contact us to permanently deactivate your card and request a new one.

With the option to turn your debit card on or off at your fingertips, the only thing you have to worry about when you lose your card is potentially having to tell an embarrassing story.