First County Bank Spotlight – Richard Muskus

Meet SVP, Chief Lending Officer & Director of Business Banking – Richard Muskus.

Tell us a little about yourself!

Born and raised in Greenwich, I am a fourth-generation resident, and second-generation banker for over 25 years.

Although my wife and I attended Greenwich High School together, we actually never met (it’s a big school!) until after college.

Growing up and residing locally, I have been involved in so many rewarding roles from coaching youth football to Greenwich Representative Town Meeting, to holding a number of board roles supporting community endeavors. I am currently a member of the Board of Trustees of Purchase College, Treasurer of the Greenwich Department of Human Services Foundation, and a role close to my Polish ancestry, President of the Joseph Pilsudski Society in Greenwich, a club my grandfather and two friends started in 1950. As my 3 children move through college and into their careers, I continue to emphasize the need to give back to the community and become a positive impact.

What is your secret talent you’d like to share so we know more about you?

I inherited so many great values from my parents and grandparents, but working with my Italian grandfather, Louis Albano, for the better part of my childhood I learned a dozen or so trades very early. He built or renovated dozens of homes and as such I became a novice mason, electrician, plumber, landscaper and carpenter by the time I was 15. From those days I started a fence contracting business in college and even continued that part time while working in my early days for Merrill Lynch. To this day I have refused to hire anyone to do fence work, that’s all me!

What is your favorite part of your role with First County Bank?

My favorite part about my role at First County Bank is that it is very familiar and truly aligns with how my career in banking evolved. Having worked locally for so many years I know, and in some cases have previously worked with many of my new colleagues for years. Our workplace commands a true team environment, and the leadership here has created a professional family atmosphere, working collectively toward our customer-centric goals of making a difference in the communities we serve.

Do you have a favorite First County Bank moment? This can be any moment at the Bank that has made an impact on your life.

In my short time at the Bank I can safely say that my second favorite moment was pizza day, but the first was undoubtedly my first day. My decision to join the team was reinforced by an incredibly welcoming day met by longtime friends and making new ones. My professional journey leading me to First County Bank, felt like home right away.