how to manage alerts at first county bank

How to Manage Alerts

How to Manage Alerts

Set up alerts to stay on top of account activity with online banking from First County Bank.

Alerts are easy to set up via online banking. Go to our homepage. Go to My account and click on online banking.

Once you’ve entered online banking, you are going to go to click on Your Profile, then Banking Services, then Manage My Alerts, then My Alerts.

You can create a new alert, change current alerts and view alert activity.

Under Add Notification Subscription is where you can see and set up various types of alerts. Here I am going to set up a card alert and then click on Add Subscription. You can then select alerts for various cards that alert you to specific transactions, transactions over a certain amount, merchant types and transaction types.

You can then add an email address or phone number to receive an email or text alert. Once everything is added or edited, go ahead and click on submit. You can also see your alert history and all of your current alerts which can easily be edited or deleted.

It’s just that easy!

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