how to open an account online at first county bank

How to Open an Account Online

How to Open an Account Online

Here we will walk you through the easy process of opening a savings account which is a very similar to opening a checking account.

    • Go to our website. You can open a personal account online and choose from a checking or savings account. Get to our account offerings page by clicking on savings account or going to the compare savings accounts button. Click on that and then Scroll down to see the available accounts that can be opened online. Click on apply now and you’ll be brought to our online application page. Complete all the fields where information is requested. View the disclosure, accept and continue
    • You’ll need to upload a photo ID. This would require the front and back of your driver’s license or a U.S. government photo ID. Once your ID has been uploaded, click on continue. Proceed by entering in your name, contact and private information, clicking on continue until it’s complete.
    • You can enter employment information or skip it and click on continue. Verify all of your personal details and click on continue. Check the boxes to certify the tax payer identification information, consent and click on continue. Within the Security Check section, answer the necessary questions and click on continue.
    • Now you can enter details for your account set up. Create a nickname for your account if you like. Choose the funding method whether an ACH transfer from an existing account, a debit or credit card, or in person deposit, and indicate the opening deposit amount. You have the option to add an ATM card and click on continue.
    • You must then review and accept all related account disclosures. Digitally sign your application and click on Submit Application.

It’s just that easy!

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