National Women’s Small Business Month – Company Spotlight: Milk

Deborah Casey, Partner and Chief Client & Operating Officer of Milk

Milk is a Marketing Communications and Advertising agency located in the heart of South Norwalk, which has been helping clients build their brands for almost 20 years. We spoke with Deborah Casey – Partner and Chief Client and Operating Officer, to understand how First County Bank assisted them with an unexpected business hurdle, and how they continued to create chemistry with their team and clients with a little help from technology.

FCB: What is your business specialty/focus?

DC: Marketing Communications and Adverting agency that specializes in Brand Building.

FCB: Why do you trust your business to First County Bank?

DC:  First County Bank puts their customer’s first. They are very attentive and you can always get a person on the phone when you have a question, you don’t get passed along.

FCB: Who is your go to Banker on our Business Banking team?

DC: Jagjiwan Singh and Mark Rosenbloom, both of whom have been wonderful from day one.

FCB: What were/are some of the hurdles your business experienced due to the pandemic?

DC: We are a marketing agency and we do a lot of team brainstorms and presentations to clients which couldn’t happen in person due to the quarantine. Thankfully, technology allowed us to continue brainstorms and presentations to clients virtually, which is so important when trying to maintain the team’s chemistry and sell a client on a new idea.

FCB: Tell us about a situation where First County Bank was able to help/assist the needs of your business?

DC:  First County was incredibly helpful when applying for PPP loan. They kept an open line of communication on how to process the paperwork, deadlines and changes as they came. We were so fortunate to be with First County during this time because to them all clients matter and because of that we were able to access a PPP loan. I don’t believe this would have happened if we banked with one of the national banks.