National Women’s Small Business Month – Company Spotlight: Rehabilitation Associates Inc.

Carol Landsman’s team of Physical Therapist at Rehabilitation Associates Inc.

To close out our celebration of National Women’s Small Business month, we would like to highlight Carol Landsman the Executive Director of Rehabilitation Associates Inc., which has been in operation for 41 years with multiple locations throughout  Fairfield County.  At the height of the pandemic, services were down by 70% for Landsman, and when her large national bank couldn’t offer the assistance needed, Carol got help for her small business from First County Bank.

FCB: What is your business specialty/focus?

CL:  We provide one-stop comprehensive outpatient services to a birth to geriatric population. All services are provided onsite so that patients do not have to search for interventions needed in a variety of settings. Our team is fully certified within their specialties and provides one-to-one individualized treatments for the entire appointed time. Services include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, Clinical Social Work, Registered Dietitian Services, Wellness Services and many special programs. We participate with all insurances to ensure our quality care is accessible to all.

FCB: Why do you trust your business to First County Bank?

CL: We appreciate the attention and respect we receive at First County Bank. They are a true community treasure and cater to their customers.

FCB: Who is your go to Banker on our Business Banking team?

CL: I have had extremely helpful interactions with Ben Peter and Greg Pastor. Their assistance during this pandemic time has been so important to our company.

FCB: What were/are some of the hurdles your business experienced due to the pandemic?

CL: During the height of the pandemic our services were down by 70%. We had originally dealt with a large national bank who emphasized their large national customers. First County Bank caters to our community and helped us receive Small Business assistance every step of the way. Their commitment enabled us to stay afloat and keep our employees intact.

FCB: What is your Covid Comeback story or how did your business model adapt as a result of the pandemic?

CL: During the worst of the pandemic we adapted by having staggered in-person schedules, supplemented by remote services. We knew that when the worst times were over we would bounce back as we have for the past 41 years.  We opened our full in-person schedule as of July 1st and as people began to feel more comfortable leaving their homes, our schedules filled. We continue to offer remote service where appropriate and as requested by our patients.

FCB: Tell us about a situation where First County Bank was able to help/assist the needs of your business.

CL: First County Bank literally saved us with their assistance in securing Small Business Loans so that we could pay our rent and our employees! They were the best!

FCB: What advice if any, you would offer up to women who are interested in starting their own business?

CL:  Plan to work long hours and grow slowly to develop and maintain the quality control needed along with the best and most qualified employees you can find. Quality and excellence in whatever you do is the only thing that will keep you going over the long term. There are no shortcuts.

FCB: Any hurdles that you had to overcome as a female business owner?

CL:  When we started 41 years ago it was difficult to rent space, open credit cards and receive loans or credit lines. Things have changed for the better, but there is still a way to go. Salary parity is still not where it needs to be. We all have to work together to continue to advocate for gender equality in business.