Savings Tip: How to Save on Back-to-School Shopping

Back-to-school shopping can be an exciting time of year – but it can also be expensive as the purchases pile up. 

Here are some helpful tips to shop smart and save more.

Take an inventory

If you stocked up on basics in the past – pens, pencils, glue sticks, paper – chances are you have a stash somewhere. Also, be sure to empty out old backpacks, junk drawers, and desks. You may be able to cross off items before you leave the house.

Refresh and reuse
Is last year’s backpack still going strong, but your son or daughter wants something new? Give it new life with a quick cleaning, and adding patches or pins!

Locate and centralize

While taking an inventory, also look out for the more durable items – scissors, binders, staplers, rulers – that may have wandered, and find a central place to store them for your students.

Stick to the list

Many schools and teachers will provide a list of items your child needs – sometimes on the first day of school. By waiting and sticking to the list, you can avoid overspending (and multiple trips to the store).

Wait for cooler weather
Rather than buying a whole new back-to-school wardrobe in the middle of August, consider buying one or two outfits for the first day of school, and then purchase more later when the weather is cooler and the sales are heating up.

Look for the sales

Speaking of sales – now is the time to hit the stores to stock up on items such as pencils, paper, and glue sticks. Look for coupons in the mail or online. Plus, if you wait for tax-free week in Connecticut — this year it’s August 18th to 24th — you can save even more.