Security Tip – Make Your Mobile Device More Secure

These days, our mobile devices contain our whole lives, not to mention all of our personal information. Your phone holds your address, your contacts, your place of employment, and even your banking information. 

With all of this data so easily accessible in one place, it’s worth it to take extra steps to be more secure. Here are a few ways you can start:

  1. Set up a passcode – As a first line of defense, set up a passcode on your lock screen. Choose a unique number (not 1, 2, 3, 4) that you can remember, but that’s not easily guessable. If your phone has the capability, use fingerprint or face ID.
  2. Use secure Wi-Fi – Be careful of public Wi-Fi networks, or any networks that don’t require a password. Public Wi-Fi may make it easier for a hacker to access the data on your device.
  3. Be careful with your apps – Not all apps use the same security standards, and some might not protect your information as well as others.
  4. Update your system – Make sure to upgrade your operating system whenever updates become available. Usually, updates involve security patches so it is important to stay current.
  5. Log out of your accounts – Although it may be convenient to stay logged in to your social media and other accounts, if your phone ends up in the wrong hands, it will also be easy for someone else to access your accounts.
  6. Know how to track & wipe your phone – Many devices have the ability to be tracked, locked and wiped if lost or stolen. Make sure you know how to log in BEFORE you need it.