Springtime Savings Tips

If you’re like us, you might spend the first few weeks of spring with the urge to clean, organize, and declutter everything in sight. Whether you tackle your home, car, desk, or finances, it usually makes you feel better to get everything back in order. We don’t have any cleaning tips to offer, but we can give suggestions for ways to save money during the spring.

Skip eating take out
Pack your lunch and cook dinner at home. Enjoy fresh spring produce such as parsnips, peas, asparagus, chard, scallions, lettuce, and parsley.

Get moving in the great outdoors
Do you use your gym membership? If it’s just a monthly drain on your account, consider canceling it and exercising in nature by hiking, running or biking.

Coordinate a plant swap
Before going to a garden center to buy new plants for your garden, talk to your friends and see if they have some they might want to give you or split for you.

Shop spring sales
Browse for discounted winter gear and winter tools. Ski and snowboarding equipment is usually discounted this time of year, along with snowblowers and shovels.

Fix up your home
If any problems presented themselves over the winter (leaks, lack of insulation, etc.) spring is a good time to fix them in order to save on utility bills next winter.

Be strategic with your tax refund
Use the extra money to pay off debt or save for a big goal like a summer vacation, or retirement.