Thinking About Refinancing? 5 Reasons to Talk to Your Community Bank First

Now’s a good time to refinance.

You’ve probably seen plenty of ads, emails, and postcards reminding you of that. Many of them from mortgage lenders you’ve probably never even heard of, offering great rates and opportunities to help you save thousands of dollars.

And the truth is, refinancing can help you. It could help you lower your monthly payments, allow you to pay off your home sooner, and even get affordable cash to make home improvements and finance other expenses.

But refinancing is a big financial decision. And there’s a lot more to it than just finding the best interest rate. You need to find an experienced lender that will walk you through the process; a lender like your community bank, where you may have gotten your mortgage from in the first place.

Advantages of Refinancing With a Community Bank

Community banks like First Country Bank offer unique advantages, including:

  1. Trust. Today there are lot of “lenders” operating mortgage scams or companies that lure unsuspecting borrowers with low rates, only to surprise them with hidden fees. Why take the chance when you already know a trusted mortgage lender that will take the time to understand your goals and help you determine the options that work best for you?
  2. Personal service. What about if you need assistance during your mortgage process – or even after you close on the loan? With a community bank, you’ll work with people who know you and your community and are available to help.
  3. Competitive rates. Many community banks like First County Bank are mutual banks, which means they don’t have to pay dividends to stockholders, freeing them to offer customers competitive rates.
  4. An easier process. Working with a bank you already have a relationship with can also help make the mortgage process a little easier.
  5. Relationship benefits. There’s another benefit of refinancing with your bank – the opportunity to use your mortgage relationship to meet with a banker that can help with all your financial needs.

First County Bank Is Ready to Help You Refinance

So, if you’re thinking about getting on the refinancing bandwagon, make a local mortgage lender you can trust like First County Bank your first stop. Chances are, the mortgage you need to reach your goals is right here – in your neighborhood.