Focused on Better Not Bigger

Today, it seems we’re always looking at the next big thing. We seek out the big shots, the big ideas, and even the big deals. Because bigger is supposed to be better.

At First County Bank, we take a different view – focusing on better banking for our customers for nearly 170 years.

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Here Yesterday. Today. And to Stay.

Since our founding, First County Bank has measured success not through the size of our assets or the span of our branch network, but by the impact we’ve made in the communities we serve.

While other banks enter new and unfamiliar territories through mergers and other means, we’ve strived to stay close to home – measuring our success by that of our neighbors as we help them to build their homes, their businesses, and achieve their goals.

And by the impact our customers make on the cities and towns of Fairfield County.

Come to the place where you belong

When you are ready to make the switch, First County Bank is here to help with information, easy-to-use online tools and in-person support.
To get started, follow the steps below, or schedule an appointment at a location convenient to you.

Let’s make sure you know about all the accounts we have available:

Personal AccountsBusiness Accounts

Before applying, make sure you have everything you need to open your account, which may include:

    • Social Security Number (or Tax ID Number for business accounts)
    • Photo ID
    • Proof of Address
    • Account and Routing Number from your current financial institution

Use our Switch Kit to help you move your personal accounts and transactions to First County Bank.

For business accounts, contact us for help making the switch.

Switch Checklist – follow this checklist to make sure you are not leaving anything out
Co-Applicant Form – if you would like to add a co-applicant to your account, please fill out this form and bring it along with you next time you visit one of our branches
Auto Withdrawal Form – this form will help you switch your auto withdrawals from your old account to your new account at First County Bank
Direct Deposit Form – use this to switch your direct deposit to your new account at First County Bank
Close Account Form – use this form to request that your old account at your previous bank is closed. Make sure that all outstanding checks or automatic withdrawals clear before you close the old account

Complete the Switch!

Once everything is moved, it’s time to close the accounts at your former bank or credit union. Use bank-to-bank transfers in Online Banking will allow you to bring the balance of your old accounts to zero. Then contact your former financial institution to request they close your account.